By Staff Published 11/13/2017 18:47:00 | Views: 1224
Brandon Vicks

- An Atlanta man has been arrested after police say he accidentally shot two of his stepsons.

Brandon Vicks, 27, told police that his pistol discharged while he was cleaning it in his home on Piedmont Circle yesterday.

The projectile discharged from Vick's weapon ricocheted off of the floor of the house and hit his 10-year-old stepson in his left hand and left arm.

The bullet then struck his 13-year-old stepson above his right eye, officials said.

Vick's three other stepchildren and one of the children's friends were present at the time of the shooting, but none were harmed.

The mother of the children was not home at the time, but came after being contacted by Vicks, police said.

Both of the injured children have been transported to Egleston Children's Hospital, where they are recovering.

Vicks has been charged with two counts of reckless conduct.

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By Staff 11/13/2017 18:47:00

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