By Staff Published 11/17/2017 14:55:00 | Views: 2311
Danielle Holman and Darron Webb

MARIETTA, GA - A man and woman are facing felony charges of aggravated assault following an attack on a motorist in September.

Danielle Holman and Darron Webb are accused of assaulting Douglas McConnell during a road rage incident at the intersection of Roswell and Fairground streets in Marietta on September 30.

According to police, McConnell and Webb were involved in an altercation when Webb allegedly hit McConnell over the head with a tire iron. 

Holman was arrested earlier this week while Webb was arrested on Thursday. Both are facing felony charges of aggravated assault. Holman is facing additional charges of tampering with evidence and obstruction.

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By Staff 11/17/2017 14:55:00

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