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Early in my career I covered politics, and there was always something about the exercise that bothered me, but I could never put my finger on why.

Then, years later, I filled on occasion at my sons daycare center and it finally came into focus. Being in a room full of bratty kids brought back the same feeling I had being around most politicians.

Which brings me to the Fulton County Commission.

Id made a mental note a few weeks ago to make a point of not mentioning the commission any more. First, I want to keep moving forward. Second, getting in your licks on a politician is like hunting for elephants in a phone booth way too easy. Third, I thought the worst was behind us.

Last week, however, the commission showed that it still has its collective knickers in a twist when it comes to Sandy Springs, so here we are again. As Al Pacino said in Godfather III: Just when I think Im out, they pull me back in!

The commission is attempting to price-gouge on police and fire services, as well as maneuvering to sell their public park properties in the SS city limits.

I understand why the commission has its collective head so far up its [body cavity] over Sandy Springs. The city is taking a whole lot of money out of its pocket, and a majority of the commission was able to keep getting elected without ever having to lift a finger to make things better folks out here in Gods Country.

But do they have to keep behaving like a bunch of vindictive, wooden-headed, backwoods yahoos from some jerk-water little spit of a town?

Do they get the fact that they represent one of this countrys major metropolitan areas?

Do they see their tactics are so transparently childish that they make Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard look like a distinguished statemen?

Are they aware that more sooner than later were going to see three more new cities Johns Creek, Milton and South Fulton and that more money is getting ready to flow out of reach of their grubby little fingers?

Am I too far off base suggesting they stop preaching to the choir and start thinking long term about how they are going to deal with the new reality of municipal life in the metro area?

Can even one member of the commission explain any of this misbehavior to me in a manner that makes intellectual sense? Anybody trying to perpetrate this nonesense got the guts to respond? All you have to do is scroll to the end of this blog and theres a big white space just for your wisdom.

There is going to come a day where the commission is going to have to grow up and learn to play well with others. Pulling little tricks like this likely yields a handsome short-term return on investment with the people that keep electing you, but theres going to be a day when youre going to have to deal with real issues with real solutions and youre not going to be ready. Not by a long shot.

And when not if that day comes, all the bratty temper tantrums in the world wont pull your [body cavity] out of the fire.

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By Staff 12/12/2005 13:06:00

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