To the Fulton County Commission:

As you may have read, last week Sandy Springs elected its first mayor and city council, not counting those facing a runoff. That was a day I’ve been looking forward to for much of the 43 years I’ve lived here.

I haven’t been happy with the County Commission’s handling of North Fulton for some time, but I was planning to let that pass quietly. After all, we got what we wanted, so why take parting shots? But now I’m backing out the door with my six-shooters drawn.

It seems the week before election day, then-mayoral hopeful Eva Galambos wanted a temporary pouring permit for the place she was going to hold what she hoped would be a victory party.

According to a story that ran in the print edition of the AJC, these kinds of requests are routinely granted. That is, until politics at its worst reared its ugly head.

“Hold on … this is a party for Eva Galambos? … I’m not voting.” – Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards.

Let’s see – against the wishes of the commission, we get to be a city. And the commission got to say “no” to a one-time pouring permit. (Note: Ms. Galambos moved her party to a place that did not require a permit.)

Guess they showed us, eh?

Showed us, indeed. They showed us that the dignity of holding elected political office can be traded for an afternoon’s worth of petty spite.

They showed us they have all the desire to act in a manner becoming an elected official, as does a small child being forced to eat their broccoli.

And they showed us that the coming months may well tax the patience of Mayor-elect Galambos and the new city council.

Fulton County is going to have to concede some things during this transition, and it’s painfully obvious that they have already opted for kicking-and-screaming mode when it comes to playing nice with the new kids.

However, this also is the kind of behavior that is killing the desire of good people to mix in the political arena, much less stand for election. There was a time when the expectations for those wanting elected office was high.

There was a time when we wanted people holding elected office to have some dignity and decorum now if they arent a career criminal we think were lucky.

Let me state for the record I have never met Eva Galambos. I wouldn’t know her if I found her building an oil well in my front yard. She’s been one of the movers in the movement to get cityhood for Sandy Springs. She invested her passion, and now she’s been asked to lead.

I guess I should thank Commissioner Edwards for showing her and the new council members how it’s not done. The going can be tough, but the journey is more rewarding from the high road.


By Staff 11/14/2005 18:09:00

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