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The Aiken County Coroner has identified the man and woman killed in an apparent murder suicide. Coroner Tim Carlton says 59-year-old William Bodie shot 56-year-old Wendy Bogard before taking his own life at a home on Holley Pond Road.

On this road in New Holland, neighbors are used to the sounds of horses, not sirens. "I saw a bunch of fire trucks and police cars going down the road," Tina Harley said. She lives on Holley Pond Road.

The cars Harley heard were going toward her neighbor, Wendy Bogard's home, just two doors down from her own home. "And was told there had been a possible murder suicide in the house," she said.

Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton says William Bodie shot and killed Wendy Bogard inside her house, then went to his car where he shot himself in the head. "It's just so sad to know that someone could take somebody's life like that," Harley said.

Multiple sources tell News 12 Bodie called a friend of Bogard's at work, saying he had killed her and planned to kill himself. The coroner says the couple had been living together until recently, when a court order evicted him from the house.

Folks say Bogard was active in the horse community, and cared for her own pets dearly. "I saw the lady several times riding her horse down this road with her dogs," she said.

Dogs that will find a new home, as family, friends, and neighbors cope with what happened here. "I feel so sorry for this lady's family and I'll make extra sure to put them in my prayers tonight," Harley said.

It was an emotional scene there. The Chief of the New Holland Fire Department says they were well known, and it's a small town where everyone knows everyone, so this has really shaken up the community.

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By Jamie Rivera 03/21/2016 08:25:00

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