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Ryan Paquette

An Appling man is behind bars, accused of attacking his pregnant wife. Ryan Paquette is accused of slamming his wife against a refrigerator, choking her and punching her multiple times in the back, stomach, arms, and shoulders.  

"We received a call on April 9 from a female who did not want to give us a lot of information, but it turned out that she had a friend who was dealing with some ongoing domestic violence issues," said Captain Butch Askew with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

What started out as an anonymous call of concern, ended up being a cry for help.

"The deputy received a call the next day from the same female and at that time she advised us that she was the one that needed help," said Askew.

According to the police report, on April 8, Ryan Paquette attacked his wife after she brought him a sandwich on white bread, when he'd wanted wheat.

She said her husband began calling her names of a sexual nature and then physically attacked her, right in front of their three children. 

Captain Askew says family violence cases, don't always end with an arrest. But after the woman met with deputies, it was evident that something needed to be done. 

"Well it was enough to warrant a charge of battery. Which the charge of battery is when someone inflicts a substantial physical harm on a person," said Askew.

After the attack, the mom told the kids to go to the neighbors house. Captain Askew said if you know someone in a similar situation, do not intervene, just be an excellent witness.

"That's what we're paid to do as law enforcement. We want you to be a good witness, be a good witness and help us," said Askew.

Paquette can't bond out of jail right now because the district attorney has revoked his probation. He was on probation for an arrest back in 2014 on two counts of terroristic threats, for allegedly threatening a Richmond County Narcotics investigator.

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By Jamie Rivera 04/12/2016 02:48:00

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