By Jamie Rivera Published 04/13/2016 15:11:00 | Views: 4507
Jaqwon Baker (left) and Brodrick Merritt (Source: Richmond Co. Sheriff's Office)

Two men face charges of murder and armed robbery in connection to an overnight shooting in Richmond County. Investigators arrested 34-year-old Brodrick Merritt and 18-year-old Jaqwon Baker, for the shooting death of 22-year-old Malik Miles. 

"This is a little bit shocking that this is something that I heard just a few hundred yards from here," said neighbor Steve Nevarez.

Not the night that many in this quiet neighborhood expected.

"I've never heard of any violence here before. So I don't know what could've provoked this," said Nevarez.

Around two this morning, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about an injured person along Idlewild Drive near North Leg Road.

"The person was apparently injured from a single gunshot wound. Later on during the course of the morning, the victim succumbed to his injuries," said Sgt. Michael McDaniel with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. 

This incident joins a growing list. The number of violent crimes this year is not sitting well with officials.

"The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is very disheartened and disappointed in the kind of violence that we have seen since the beginning of 2016," said McDaniel. 

This year alone, the sheriff's office has implemented positive programs to help curb the violence in Richmond County. After Tuesday morning's homicide, McDaniel said it's time to step things up a notch.

"We're going to continue to encourage the citizens of Richmond County to come forward and be more proactive with us," McDaniel said. "Join hands with us, you may have a grip with us, but make that grip a little tighter." 

As for neighbors like Steve Nevarez, they hope this doesn't change the overall feel of this neighborhood.

"I don't want people to be afraid here. Because I'm sure that people that I know wouldn't be here if it was that bad," said Nevarez.

Sergeant McDaniel says the case is still early in its investigation, so information as to what started the altercation is limited. The Richmond County Coroner says there will be an autopsy on Miles' body at the GBI crime lab in Atlanta.

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By Jamie Rivera 04/13/2016 15:11:00

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