By Pius Aghadiuno Published 04/13/2017 10:44:00 | Views: 7799
Logan Wright (left) and Nicole Gambrell (right)

MARTINEZ, Ga.  -- Police say two teens have been arrested after having sex in the middle of the street of a Martinez subdivision Thursday morning.

Logan Eric Wright and Nicole Katherine Gambrell, both 19, are facing indecent exposure and child molestation charges after authorities say they were both lying naked in the middle of the roadway on Creekview Circle having sex.

They also admitted to being under the influence of LSD.

The sex act was observed by two children who were waiting for the school bus.

 Wright was taken to Doctor's Hospital for an evaluation and then released into custody. Both Wright and Gambrell were transported to the Columbia County Detention Center.

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By Pius Aghadiuno 04/13/2017 10:44:00

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