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Father Crawled From Shallow Grave

THIS is the dramatic moment a severely injured father begs police for help after being buried alive with his dead son.

Forrest “Butch” Bowyer had been stabbed in the neck by robbers and was bleeding heavily when he managed to dig his way out a shallow grave and flag down a car on Alabama’s Highway 431 in Seale, Russell County.

The chilling footage, which was captured on a dashboard camera occurred on February 18, 2002, was released by Russell County Sheriff’s Department just days ago.

In the footage, Bowyer can be seen talking to police while holding his throat, revealing how his son Brett had been shot dead, and he had been cut, before both were thrown into the grave.

The officer can be also be heard calling for help.

“I got a man that’s been cut to hell and said his son’s been shot three times.

“[The son] is buried in a grave down here at Uchee, and he wants to go get him.

“He was buried and dug himself out, this is a bad one.”

Holding his throat, Bowyer not only manages to tell police where his son is buried but also who’s responsible.

“They (the killers) are probably back in there (my home), trying to get some more money” a distressed Bowyer can be heard telling police.

On the video, which was obtained by WTVM-TV News Leader 9 Bowyer names the person who attacked them telling the officers it was “Jim Brooks”.

In a separate interrogation video, released by the broadcaster as part of a special report into the anniversary of Brett’s murder, Brooks told investigator Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor that Michael Carruth was the mastermind behind the grim crime.

“He (Carruth) says OK, he says I did this one. Next one’s yours,” WTVM reported Brooks as saying.

Brooks later confessed, and video shows him tearfully revealing: “I had to shoot him … in the head.”

Carruth did not confess, but blood found on his clothing was confirmed to be from Butch Bowyer, The New York Daily News reported.

According to the newspaper, the men had lured the Bowyers out of the house after posing as fake police.

They told Butch Bowyer he was being arrested for drug possession before taking the pair to the woods where Brett was shot three times and Butch cut.

Sheriff Taylor told the broadcaster he had no idea how Mr Bowyer, who still lives in East Alabama, survived that night.

“Throat cut from ear to ear and you’re crawling, walking a quarter mile, bleeding the whole way,” he said.

Carruth and Jimmy Brooks Junior were both sentenced to death for their part in the brutal crime.

No date has yet been set for their executions which are still under appeal.

Butch not only told police where his son’s body was, but also who almost took his life as well. Picture: Screengrab.

Butch not only told police where his son’s body was, but also who almost took his life as well. Picture: Screengrab.Source:Supplied


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By Jamie Rivera 02/22/2016 01:05:00

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