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Jodi Rigby

MACON, Ga. -- Police say a Macon woman who worked as a contract nurse with the Department of Corrections was arrested at her home Thursday morning for alleged sexual assault and trading with inmates.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections spokesperson Gwendolyn Hogan, Jodi Rigby was charged with sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority and six counts of trading with inmates.

Rigby was taken into arrested Thursday morning at her home on Ivy Brook Way in Macon.

Joan Heath with the Department of Corrections said that Rigby worked as a contract nurse at Central State Prison between June 21 and Sept. 25, 2015. She resigned in late 2015 after an investigation on her conduct started.

Court document says Rigby engaged in sexual contact with an inmate on multiple occasions and pretended to be that inmate's and other inmate's mother in order to deposit money in their inmate accounts.

She also allegedly unlawfully traded money with inmates in the prison via PayPal and MoneyGram.

Rigby made the news in 2015 after her 4-year-old daughter was found dead in her bedroom with a cord from the window blinds wrapped around her neck. Both Jodi Rigby and her husband Jason were cleared of charges in that case.

Heath said Jodi Rigby's Thursday arrest is in no way related to the 2015 death of her daughter.

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By Pius Aghadiuno 03/09/2017 17:51:00

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