Charles Manson, whose cult slayings horrified world, dies

NOTORIOUS murder mastermind and cult leader Charles Manson has died. Manson was the ringleader of the “Manson Family” – a murder cult that was behind the ... Full story


Navy admits to penis skydrawing

OAK HARBOR, Wash. -- The Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington admitted one of its aircraft was involved in drawing lewd images in the sky Thursday. Residents ... Full story

Huge fire rages through New York apartment in Hamilton Heights

NEW YORK - A massive fire is burning a residential and retail building in Upper Manhattan Friday. The flames and thick smoke could be seen ... Full story

Police arrest George Adamson in Chick-fil-A stolen van case

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. - The Cartersville Police investigation into a stolen Chick-fil-A van has led to the arrest of George Christian Adamson. On Thursday, Cartersville Police found a catering van that ... Full story

Sini Mathews: Mother of 3-year-old Texas girl found dead arrested for leaving her home alone

RICHARDSON, Texas — The Richardson mother of a girl who was adopted from India and found dead last month in suburban Dallas has been formally ... Full story

Ohio teacher Madeline Marx admits having sex with students after sending nudes on Snapchat and Instagram

A TEACHER has told detectives she performed a sex act on one studentl and had intercourse with another, according to officers. Madeline Marx, 23, also admitted ... Full story

New Hampshire woman Ivana Clifford 'burns roommate's ferret alive' after argument over clothes

MANCHESTER, N.H. - A woman was arrested in New Hampshire early Wednesday morning after allegedly putting her former roommate’s ferret in the oven and killing ... Full story

Texas man McTavish Raymond arrested for DWI after crashing into vehicles

LUFKIN, Texas. - Shocking video shows a vehicle slamming into a group of parked cars in Texas, and police say they have arrested a man ... Full story

Walmart Colorado shooting: 'Multiple people shot' in Thornton store

AT LEAST three people are dead and a gunman is on the run after a mass shooting in a supermarket. A gunman reportedly fired up to ... Full story

Student Briana Brochu 'does VILE thing' to roommate she hates – and it involves tampons

A TRULY disgusting woman claimed she did something so vile to her female froommate that she’s been arrested. Brianna Brochu decided she hated her roommate Jazzy ... Full story

Daughter suspicious her mom’s boyfriend Matthew Bordeaux is cheating finds naked videos of herself

A woman investigating her mother’s boyfriend over suspicions he was having an affair stumbled across naked videos of herself on his computer. Matthew Bordeaux has been ... Full story

Maryland woman Marisa Harris killed when suicidal boy jumped onto car

A WOMAN has been killed after a suicidal 12-year-old boy jumped from a 30ft bridge and landed on her car. The boy suffered life-threatening injuries after ... Full story

NC mom Queridea Young tied plastic bag over toddler's head for 30 minutes

A North College Hill mother faced a judge Monday after police say she tied a brown plastic bag over her 2-year-old daughter's head for a ... Full story

Hunt for 'armed and dangerous' gunman Radee Labeeb Prince after three killed in business park shooting

A GUNMAN opened fire at a Maryland office park on Wednesday morning, killing three and critically injuring two others, authorities and the business owner Barak ... Full story

Arizona woman Mireya Alejandra Lopez sentenced for drowning her twins

An Arizona woman convicted in the 2015 drowning deaths of her 2-year-old twins and the attempted killing of a 3-year-old son at their home has ... Full story

Married substitute teacher Justine Nelson accused of sex acts and lewd sexting with eighth grade student

A former married California middle school teacher who admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old student she initially blamed for instigating the relationship is heading ... Full story

Car trying to beat train gets knocked into police vehicle

Mississippi police say a woman is in the hospital after trying to beat a freight train across the track. The 30-year-old woman's vehicle was hit, knocking ... Full story

Oregon mother Alana Donahue arrested after using car to tow kids in plastic wagon

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police say an Oregon mother accused of endangering her two children was arrested on Wednesday evening. Alana Nicole Donahue, 27, was arrested shortly ... Full story

Ohio woman Natasha Boggs arrested after hitting teens, killing two girls while texting

Ohio Police say a woman was texting on her phone when she struck and killed two 14-year-old girls and critically injured a 15-year-old boy with ... Full story

Plus-sized model Natalie Hage Fat-shamed: ‘I think she ate a Mexican’

LOS ANGELES - A professional plus size model's confrontation of a plane passenger who “fat-shamed” her by sending “mean and ugly” texts about her weight ... Full story

Rapper Finese2Tymes held on unrelated charges after Little Rock shooting

A RAPPER whose concert in Little Rock was the site of a shooting that left 28 people injured was arrested early Sunday on unrelated charges, ... Full story

Doctor Henry Bello fatally shoots self after opening fire in Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

NEW YORK  - A doctor who opened fire at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Friday afternoon, killing at least one person before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.Dr ... Full story

Married Maine teacher Jill Lamontagne accused of sex with student after victim suicide attempt

A HEALTH teacher has been accused of repeatedly having sex with a 17-year-old student, who according to court papers filed by his mother then tried ... Full story

Dramatic moment pregnant NC woman Christine Braswell runs down Walmart thief

This is the dramatic moment a pregnant woman ploughs her SUV into a 'robber' after chasing him through Walmart's parking lot - and both have ... Full story

Stunt gone wrong: Pregnant woman Monalisa Perez blames video stunt for boyfriend's death

HALSTAD, Minn.  --  A Minnesota woman charged in the fatal shooting of her boyfriend told authorities it was a video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez, of ... Full story

Ohio teacher and bride-to-be Brooke Rosendale charged with sexually assaulting student, 13

A former Ohio teacher has been arrested for sexually assaulting her 13-year-old student.Brooke L. Rosendale, 26, of Bloomdale, was indicted Tuesday by a Hancock County ... Full story

Florida woman Marissa Mowry arrested for having an 11-year-old's baby

A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with sexual battery after authorities said she gave birth to a child fathered by an 11-year-old.Hillsborough County ... Full story

Woman ordered to leave swimming pool for wearing THIS ‘revealing’ bathing suit

A WOMAN was ordered to leave a swimming pool because staff claimed her bathing suit might “excite teenage boys”. Tori Jenkins was using the pool facility ... Full story

Police: Elementary teacher Megan Sloan stole kids' field trip money to buy heroin

SAPULPA, Okla. – Sapulpa police say a second grade teacher is under arrest after bringing heroin to school and stealing money to buy drugs. Megan Sloan, ... Full story

Substitute teacher Karlie Taylor charged with statutory rape spared jail

A female teacher who admitted to having sexual relationship with two students has been sentenced to probabtion.Karlie Brooke Taylor, 22, a substitute teacher for Campbell ... Full story