By Pius-Aghadiuno Published 04/04/2012 07:36:00 | Views: 557

You know a campaign is nasty when one candidate makes a thinly veiled accusation that an opponent might be a pedophile.

An April 3 debate in Nebraska's Republican U.S. Senate primary got very awkward when the state's attorney general accused the state's former attorney general of stalking his 14-year-old daughter on Twitter.

Jon Bruning made the accusation after he and Don Stenberg had a heated exchange over Bruning's support of Eric Holder's nomination for U.S. Attorney General.

Said Bruning, "I'd like to know, why does a 62-year-old man want to follow a 14-year-old girl on Twitter? I'd really like to know.

She said, 'Dad, that's kind of creepy.'" A flustered Stenberg said someone else in his campaign moderates his account, and that they used search engines to follow "thousands" of people.

Was it a creepy move on Stenberg's part?

By Pius-Aghadiuno 04/04/2012 07:36:00

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