By Pius-Aghadiuno Published 04/04/2012 07:49:00 | Views: 587
What in the world was McCain really laughing at?

Sen. John McCain had a serious case of the giggles this morning. When asked by CBS' Erica Hill about possible vice presidential candidates, he responded: "I think it should be Sarah Palin" and then started laughing. A lot.

He then shrugged off the suggestion and named a few other potentially qualified candidates, including Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal. "I'm sure Mitt will make the right choice.

Obviously, it's a tough decision," McCain continued before cracking up again.

The slap-happy senator might have been poking fun at his former running mate, or perhaps there's a simpler explanation: He got up at the ungodly hour of 2:45 a.m. to do this interview.

What in the world was McCain really laughing at?

By Pius-Aghadiuno 04/04/2012 07:49:00

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