By Pius-Aghadiuno Published 04/02/2012 19:22:00 | Views: 587
Share the best political April Fools' joke you've heard.

Mitt Romney aides made the GOP front-runner an April Fool today with a perfectly executed prank.

All set to deliver a stump speech at a pancake breakfast in Milwaukee, Romney was taken to a ballroom and waited behind stage in what turned out to be fake set that his campaign tricksters assembled Saturday.

An aide warned him that the crowd was "really small, but it will be OK."

After a rousing introduction and soundtracked applause blaring from a pair of speakers, Romney emerged to a completely empty room.

Although aides were nice enough to end the joke quickly, they apparently let it go on long enough for Romney to think, "Oh, boy this is gonna look really bad on the evening news, let me tell you."

Share the best political April Fools' joke you've heard.

By Pius-Aghadiuno 04/02/2012 19:22:00

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