US Army reveals 'flying squirrel' drone

The US Army has revealed an experimental drone that resembles a flying squirrel, relying on tilt-rotors to ‘transform in flight.’ According to the experts, this design ... Full story


Women at Pacquiao v Horn say men hurled sexual slurs

A television reporter filmed a man she claims spent 'hours' hurling abuse at her and her female friends during Sunday's Pacquiao v Horn boxing match.  Tegan ...  Visit website

Michael Bloomberg's daughter Georgina is now dating a hunting enthusiast

Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is an animal rights activist who has called her own father's record on animal welfare a 'failure'. ...  Visit website

Chrissy Teigen apologizes for showing her 'hooha' on AMAs red carpet

There's one thing Chrissy Teigen was truly thankful for the morning after her barely there gown malfunctioned on the red carpet at the American Music ...  Visit website

Michelle Obama called an 'Ape in heels' by West Virginia official on Facebook causes outrage

A West Virginia mayor and local executive are facing mounting pressure to resign over a racist post about Michelle Obama. 'It will be refreshing to have ...  Visit website

Florida teenager 'beat and killed his 69-year-old grandmother after she hid the 18-year-old's beer while he was in the shower'

A Florida teenager has been accused of being his grandmother to death because she tried to take a beer off him in the shower. Dylan Brougham, ...  Visit website

PICTURED: Nadine Hernandez, LAPD detective investigating Derrick Rose rape claims who 'shot herself dead' in a suburban home

The LAPD detective involved in Derrick Rose's rape investigation who is believed to have committed suicide inside a suburban home has been pictured for the ...  Visit website

Muslim father rapes his daughter in Norway as punishment for becoming 'too Westernised'

A Muslim man in Norway has been detained for raping his daughter as a punishment after she became 'too Western'. The man, in his 40s has ...  Visit website

Russian billionaire's megayacht 'may never leave the Baltic Sea because it 's too big'

A superyacht built for a Russian billionaire oligarch with masts as tall as Big Ben may be too large to sail out of the Baltic ...  Visit website

Jesse Osborne who gunned down father and schoolboys had been expelled for bringing in machete

The 14-year-old boy alleged to have murdered his father and wounded two students and a teacher had been expelled from school for bringing in a ... Full story