'This plane seems like it is falling to pieces. They need to send someone to find me.'

This plane seems like it's falling to pieces... they need to send someone to find me': Emiliano Sala's haunting WhatApp recording before plane vanished - ...

Student tackled for stealing own car settles suit for $1.25M

Northwestern PhD student who was beaten and cuffed by Evanston cops after they refused to believe the Chevy he was driving was HIS - settles ...  Visit website

Executive says she stole millions of dollars at the direction of her husband

International tax executive stole $4MILLION from firm to buy 460 acre Georgia farm, guns and ammo and significant sums of gold because 'her husband was ...  Visit website

Serena Williams crashes out of the Australian Open

Serena Williams crashes out of the Australian Open after failing to win FOUR match points - as Czech star Karolina Pliskova battles back from 5-1 ...  Visit website

Ex-prison official details second career as El Chapo fixer

Suits you! El Chapo and his wife wear matching velvet burgundy jackets to court in a show of solidarity as his mistress tell how the ...  Visit website

Kathy Griffin, Debra Messing, John Cusack, and other celebs vent rage over Covington teens

'Go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper': Liberal celebs including, Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt and Ron Perlman rush to delete furious tweets about Covington teens ...  Visit website

Scaramucci faces humiliation of being eviction from Celebrity Big Brother house

The Mooch faces humiliation of being kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house even faster than he was the White House despite having spilled ...  Visit website

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win a spot on the House Oversight Committee

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will quiz Michael Cohen about Trump at his blockbuster testimony before Congress next month after winning a coveted spot on the prestigious House ...  Visit website

Covington Catholic boy at center of confrontation with Native American veteran speaks out

'I had every right to stand there': Catholic schoolboy at the center of Lincoln Memorial clash with Native American Veteran admits he should have walked ...  Visit website

Democratic committee boss warns Trump's acting attorney general to answer questions or face subpoena

Answer questions on Trump, Cohen and Russia or I'll subpoena you, Democratic committee chair warns Trump's acting attorney generalHouse Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler has ...  Visit website