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Lu Yiqin shocked to see her mom in photo of husband taken 16 years ago

A Chinese woman nearly lost it after she spotted her mom in a picture her husband had taken 15 years before they met.

Lu Yiqin, 25, from Zhejiang, China was understandably freaked out when she spotted her mom in the background while going through some of her now-husband Zhang Hedong’s childhood pictures and putting them into a photo album ahead of their wedding..

The Photobombing tourist in red turned out to be her mom.

In other words, a 14-year-old Zhang crossed paths with his mom-in-law, over a decade before he met and fell in love with her daughter.

That’s a hell of a picture for the family album.

Zhang told that the picture had been taken when he visited the Giant Buddha at Ling Mountain in Wuxi with his family in 2000.

When Lu saw the Giant Buddha in the background, it rang a bell. She went and found a photo of her mom, taken 16 years ago in almost the exact same spot, wearing a distinctive red coat.

Woman spots mum in husband's photo taken 16 years ago

(Picture: Weibo)

‘I shouted once I zoomed in. I said: “That’s my mom!”‘ said Lu of the moment she realized.

‘My husband thought I was over-reacting. Then I said again, “this is really my mom”‘.

Lu’s mom, who just happened to be staying with the couple at the time, confirmed that she had indeed visited the tourist attraction with family during the Chinese New Year.

And to top it all off, both families had even kept hold of their ticket stubs from the day – and, yes, the dates matched up.

Woman spots mum in husband's photo taken 16 years ago

The couple married on May 29 (Picture: Weibo)

If that’s not a good omen for a wedding, we don’t know what is.


By Jamie Rivera 06/08/2016 09:14:00

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