By Jamie Rivera Published 06/10/2016 06:54:00 | Views: 690
No one saw this creepy figure until the pictures were later reviewed.

HIKERS rambling through a beauty spot may have uncovered a sinister secret after realising what was lurking in the background of this creepy picture.

The ramblers didn’t notice anything terrifying during their trek. But chills ran down their spines when they saw the eerie figure watching them from a far in the background of a photograph taken at the scene.

To make matters stranger, the mysterious figure was apparently standing in an area that was "completely inaccessible" to humans.

Reddit user SlicedUpBeef uploaded the chilling snap to the social media site to ask the internet to help figure out who – or what – the bone-chilling figure could be.

The man, whose real name has not been released, said he’d gone to Dundas Peak, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with a friend on his cousin’s recommendation.

Ghost or pareidolia - a phenomena when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar things in patterns.

Ghost or pareidolia - a phenomena when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar things in patt

SlicedUpBeef posted on Reddit: "Way below the edge of the trail, where the slope is too steep to stand on, there appears to be a thin person standing unnaturally straight with no visible face

"I know you’re probably thinking that is just a brave hiker, but trust me, that spot is completely inaccessible. Maybe it isn’t a person? But I’m not sure what else it can be."

Other site visitors soon chimed in with suggestions, with one pointing out that people tend to go missing from that area at the rate of one a year.

Another suggested they have the police check if there was a suicide at the site, which the hikers had accidentally revealed.

One person even suggested it might have been them, saying they were wearing a grey shirt and dark jeans and were visiting the park at the time.

Some said that the area actually was accessible and it was likely just another hiker, while others said people were just spotting patterns in the rock.

By Jamie Rivera 06/10/2016 06:54:00

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