Cocaine found inside Cookie Monster doll

KEY WEST, Fla. - A 29-year-old man was arrested in Key West after deputies found a large amount of cocaine hidden in a Cookie Monster ... Full story


The pool float that looks like a sanitary pad

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Man caught having sex with donkey told he must MARRY the ass

A RANDY villager caught romping with a donkey has been told he must marry the animal. The donkey's horrified owner was left sickened after he witnessed ... Full story

Father and son recreate baby bath pic – the Internet is HORRIFIED

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Indiana man narrowly escaped being impaled by tree trunk after hitting the snooze button

Here's definitive proof that being lazy can save your life. How? well, just ask this man who rolled over to the sound of his alarm ... Full story

Shoppers flee as creepy human-like figure appears in clouds

Customers were seen fleeing in terror after a strange, gigantic human like figure appeared in the clouds above a shopping center in the African Country of ZambiaThe image ... Full story

Shocked family find bizarre creatures with 'cat's head and rat's body' in their kitchen

A South African family were terrified after finding strange creatures in their house that appears to have a cat’s head and rat’s body. has apparently been ... Full story

Glitch in the Matrix produces three suns in Russia

A STUNNING video showing what looks like three suns shining over the Russian countryside has amazed viewers. The footage of the so-called halo effect was captured ... Full story

Police forced to take mugshot with macaw who wouldn’t leave criminal

This is true friendship goals right here guys.  Who else would casually pose with you in your police mugshot just for moral support? Bird would – as ... Full story

Optical illusion makes people do double take after they spot THIS

AN OPTICAL illusion which has now gone viral after appearing in a hotel guest’s room is making people question how dirty their mind is. The leaflet, ... Full story

Man got stuck in chimney after locking his keys in his house

Tucson, Arizona — Police say a man had to be rescued through his chimney after he tried to climb back into his house when he ... Full story

McChicken sandwich video: McDonald's classic trending for NSFW reason

WHEN Twitter users saw the McChicken Sandwich was trending, they really shouldn’t have investigated why. Because they would soon discover a man had been pleasuring himself ... Full story

Virginia woman destroys 5 Mercedes just SIX SECONDS into test drive at dealership

A woman taking a pricey Mercedes-Benz SUV for a test drive managed to flip the car on its side and smashed into four other cars ... Full story

Colorado woman filmed driving with her legs, apparently texting on interstate

DENVER — A shocking, 45-second-long cellphone video taken last week shows a woman apparently driving with her legs on Interstate 25 in Colorado as her cellphone ... Full story

Train car derails in Iowa, hits tavern named 'DeRailed'

CHARLES CITY, Iowa — A train car derailed in northern Iowa Tuesday morning and slammed into a perhaps aptly named bar called DeRailed. Charles City police said ... Full story

'We're madly in love' Mom and son defy jail threats over incest romance

Monica Mares, 36, and teenage son Caleb Peterson, 19, could be locked up for 18 months if convicted of incest. But the couple have revealed how ... Full story

Florida woman, 21, loves pretending she's a baby

This 21-year-old woman loves to pretend she’s a baby. And when we say pretend, we actually mean Jess has dedicated her life to the hobby. She dons babygrows, ... Full story

This picture of Mike Pence eating at Chilli's is freaking people out

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People think this photo shows dead biker's soul leaving his body

A picture of emergency crews at the scene of a motorcycle crash in Powell County, Kentucky purports to show the soul of a dead ... Full story

Ghost of missing hiker spotted in picture looking

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Woman shocked to see her mom in photo of her husband taken 15 years before they met

A Chinese woman nearly lost it after she spotted her mom in a picture her husband had taken 15 years before they met. Lu Yiqin, 25, ... Full story

Boy destroys $15,000 Lego statue which took 3 DAYS to build

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The Human Centipede 2: Tennessee High School Teacher Suspended for Showing Movie to Class

A teacher has been suspended after he made students watch Human Centipede 2 during a lesson. Students at the Tennessee school were made to watch the ... Full story

ASTONISHING footage: The Simpsons predicted Prince's death EIGHT years ago

Everyone's favourite yellow family has been on our screens for 27 years and provided fun and laughter along the way. But the show seemingly has a ... Full story

Discovery of a baby goat with human features has people confused

A RECENT discovery of a goat-man hybrid has left residents of Malaysia searching for answers. Farmer Ibrahim Basir from the Malaysian village of Felda said it ... Full story

Florida man sports half a beard in viral mugshot

According to the Miami New Times, Kevin Gibson, 58, was seen showing off his thick and shaggy half-beard in his booking photo after being arrested in Miami ... Full story

Man running in 'ocean bubble' to Bermuda rescued off coast — again

Reza Baluchi’s second attempt at running in an inflatable hydro-pod from Florida to Bermuda ended off the coast of Jupiter on Sunday when Baluchi asked ... Full story

Optical illusion sends Facebook users into meltdown as pic goes viral

A MIND-BENDING image is sending the Internet crazy with people trying to figure out what it is. Savannah Root posted the picture on Facebook on April ... Full story

Guest photographs creepy figure in lobby of ‘haunted’ hotel that inspired ‘The Shining’

A man staying at one of America’s most famous haunted hotels may have photographed something supernatural during his visit. Henry Yau, the public relations director for the Children’s ... Full story

Strange photo of dark ghost shadow sends shivers across Internet

The strange phenomenon was captured in the village of San Sebastian Bernal, now known as Pueblo Magico (Magical Town) de Bernal, in the central Mexican ... Full story