By Lena Sullivan Published 03/07/2015 15:45:00 | Views: 4853
Someone shot a ‘porn’ video at the Pyramids in Egypt

If you ever get the chance to visit some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, we wholeheartedly recommend that you take a photo in front of them, to commemorate the special trip.

But we seriously don’t recommend doing the same as this porn star, who filmed a pornographic video while on a coach trip to the Pyramids.

Egyptian authorities are now investigating the graphic video, which appears to show the adult ‘actress’, called Aurita, flashing her body, while complaining about the sites on offer.

As the bus drives past the Pyramids, she remarks: ‘This f****** sucks. What is there to look at?’

‘It really sucks, even our resorts are better’.

She is even heard saying ‘I don’t want to give him a dollar’, after a local Egyptian man asks if she would like a ride on a camel.

The actress, who is thought to be Russian, then continues to flash her body in full sight of fellow tourists, before the clip culminates in extremely graphic scenes between the actress and a co-star.

Newstime Africa reported that Egyptian authorities have been angered by the offensive display, while Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damati confirmed that the incident had been referred to prosecutors.

Bassam Al-Shamaa, an Egyptologist, branded the video ‘demeanding’.

He said: ‘Surveillance cameras aren’t enough to secure such important sites. A full security cordon must be installed to prevent such incidents – which demean Egyptian civilisation – from reoccurring.

‘If camera records confirm the filming of this video, the antiquities minister and the relevant security personnel should resign.

By Lena Sullivan 03/07/2015 15:45:00

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