By Lena Sullivan Published 04/21/2016 03:57:00 | Views: 7422
BLOOD RED: This sky shocked thousands living in Chalchuapa

THOUSANDS of terrified people feared the apocalypse was nigh after a rare phenomenon turned the sky blood red.

Mystery surrounds why the night sky above El Salvador was transformed into bright red blanket earlier this week.

Witnesses across the town of Chalchuapa feared a meteorite was approaching.

The staggering photos were shared by El Salvador news site El Blog.

It claims people leaving the Horem-Ebenezer church saw a “giant red ball” in the sky that was visible for a matter for seconds before disappearing.

It’s claimed the mystery “fire ball” left the sky with a tinted glow.

Blood red sky above El Salvador  

WARNING: Some claim they saw a fireball in the sky

Reporter Gabe Hash said: "According to the information received, several people were going out of a religious service at the Horem-Ebenezer church when they saw a gian red ball in the sky which last just seconds and disappeared, leaving the skies tinted with a red colour.

"Sometimes after the passge of the firet rail in the atmosphere, it left a trail of dust for sometime."

El Savador red sky  

WARNNG: One of the explanations is a meteorite above the country

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By Lena Sullivan 04/21/2016 03:57:00

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