By Staff Published 06/23/2017 16:59:00 | Views: 8201
Paramilitary police officers investigate after five people were caught up in an electrical current in the pool. Picture: IHA via AP

FIVE people are dead after a crowd of people were electrocuted at a water park, according to multiple reports.

Three children are thought to be among those electrocuted in a pool at a park in Turkey.

It is reported that two adults died after jumping into the water attempting to save the kids. 

When the manager of the park and his son noticed the children were being electrocuted, they dived into the pool in an attempt to rescue them.

Officials cut the power as soon as the alarm was sounded, while people were evacuated from the vicinity, Hurriyet reports.

All five were subsequently admitted to hospital, but medical staff there were unable to save them.

According to reports, an investigation into the incident in the town Akyazi is under way.

It was unclear how the pool had become electrified.

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By Staff 06/23/2017 16:59:00

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