By Staff Published 07/13/2017 16:51:00 | Views: 9002
Gruesome footage shows 'Iraqi troops' throwing ISIS fighters off a cliff then shooting them

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The Iraqi government is investigating an unverified video which shows an IS extremist being thrown off a cliff as the government tries to prevent revenge attacks

The Iraqi government is investigating gruesome footage which allegedly shows troops throwing captured Islamic State militants to their deaths before shooting them on the ground.

Graphic video, allegedly filmed in Mosul, seemingly shows soldiers beating extremists before one detainee is chucked off a cliff.

The detained man is seen landing next to a motionless body at the foot of the perch before troops open fire in an execution style reminiscent of IS.

The murderous terror group have previously filmed killings of people they ruled were guilty of being homosexual by throwing them off high buildings.

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By Staff 07/13/2017 16:51:00

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