By Jamie Rivera Published 08/05/2015 02:38:00 | Views: 1714
Photo via @JulieSweetwater / Twitter

A lot goes into planning a wedding: the flowers, the band, salmon or steak? But one of the most important decisions is choosing who will stand next to you and your spouse-to-be on the big day.

Who will be your bridesmaids?

Christine Quinn knew one woman who would be perfect for her wedding. Quinn had known her for her entire life and undoubtedly loved her unconditionally. That’s right: her grandma, 89-year-old Betty Govern, aka Nana Betty.

“She was adorable,” wrote photographer Julie Melton of Sweetwater Portraits.

Oh, and here’s another thing to make the wedding between Christine and groom Pat just a little bit more special: They had the same last name before they were married!

Congrats, you two!




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By Jamie Rivera 08/05/2015 02:38:00

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