By Jamie Rivera Published 08/20/2015 08:19:00 | Views: 2667
The internet is going nuts over this cat that looks like a vampire

Long story short: this cat looks like a vampire, and the internet loves it.

Loki the vampire cat is the latest animal to get Insta-famous, after her blend of weird-cute features caught the attention of the internet overlords (cat people. The internet is run by them).

She’s a grey and white tabby cat, which adds the cute factor, but she’s got a major fang overbite, which is where the creepy/weird part comes in.

Her Dracula-esque looks have led to her being nicknamed ‘little vampire’.

Her owner, Kaet, adopted Loki from a shelter. She didn’t receive much information about her health and history, so doesn’t know the reasons behind the cat’s unusual appearance.

But, like any good person of the social media age, she realised that a cat that looks like a vampire is internet gold. So she set up an Instagram and Facebook and started sharing photos of her new pet.

Loki has now racked up over 27,000 followers, with every photo flooded with comments flipping out over her vampire looks.

While Kaet often jokes about her little vampire being evil, Loki is apparently very sweet and well-behaved, and loves all the cuddles and lazing about that cats usually do.

You can see more vampire cat cuteness over on Loki’s Instagram.
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By Jamie Rivera 08/20/2015 08:19:00

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