By Jamie Rivera Published 08/28/2015 04:13:00 | Views: 2340
A school which offers creative freedom to their students reaps what they sow with this funny message in the car park

Those of us who look back fondly on our schooldays will have a chuckle at this sign.

It's the result of a school which saw fit to offer their students the freedom to decorate their car park spaces in whatever way they chose.

The message, posted by AndrewAlmond10 on Reddit, carries the comment: "At my old high school they let the seniors paint their parking spot. This one is my favourite."

The image shows the parking space at his school in Robinsons, Waco in Texas, painted with the students' licence plate number and the wording: "If you're reading this, I'm late."

The image is a reference to Drake's 2015 album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and is written in the same font, complete with missing apostrophes.

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By Jamie Rivera 08/28/2015 04:13:00

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