By Jamie Rivera Published 01/11/2013 14:14:00 | Views: 773
Beluga whale photombmbs kids

“Hey guys, what’s so funny over here? I swam on over from the far side of the aquarium to see what was up. Gosh you human kids are cute. Not as wonderfully sleek and pasty as beluga kids, but very cute in your own way. So what’s going on? Mom snapping some pics for Facebook? Goofing around a little bit, keeping it candid? I love it. I got a good idea for a picture you guys! Let’s do this: I’ll open my mouth real wide like I’m about to chomp the little guy! And it won’t even be that scary because I don’t have teeth. See? My mouth looks like it’s made of frosting. Cheeeeese!!” [Source]

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By Jamie Rivera 01/11/2013 14:14:00

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