By Jamie Rivera Published 02/23/2016 03:32:00 | Views: 3321
A foot of an crocodile is served up on a plate

Even if you’re into weird foods and like trying new and exciting things, you’ll still probably find the menu at this Japanese restaurant too hardcore. With dishes like cooked crocodile feet, grilled piranha and battered, deep-fried whole salamander, this place makes frog legs seem like baby food.

An Unnown Creature is roasted and served with it's head still on

A huge Lizard is cooked

A huge insect and unknown animal is garnished with a salad

A selection of bugs are served

Some lizards are deep fried at the restaurant

A huge scorpion is served on a garnish

Meal worms are a common snack in the Japanese restaurant

Huge bugs lay on a bed of salad with a lemon

A whole palte of cockroaches to eat

An unknown body part is eaten at the restaurant

A foot of an crocodile is served up on a plate

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By Jamie Rivera 02/23/2016 03:32:00

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