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We're assuming the guy was the one who got caught out here

These cheaters got caught being unfaithful to their other halves. See the hilarious moment they were caught out.

That awkward moment when you think you've chosen the most discreet spot

When your now-ex takes over your facebook page

Better Call The Lawyer: This woman teased her husband with a sexy snap, it backfired when her husband spotted men's shoes in her lonely hotel room

We're assuming the guy was the one who got caught out here

We don't think she realized she was the one he was cheating with

Two baseball goers left a message for her husband

If you cheat, the other half gets the xbox This agreement was all too easy

Another one caught cheating on her partner at a sports match, guys take the hint

We're not sure what's worse, his girlfriend cheating, or his spelling mistakes

Easiest way to not get caught? Find someone with the same name as your current boyfriend, until your friends rat you out

The 'of course it's yours' didn't work on this woman

OK, we know it's not cheating on a spouse, but this one was funny

Note to cheaters, check your surroundings BEFORE you reply

Either he's trying a huge comeback plea, or he just wanted to announce to the world that he's a huge d**k

Like something from Saw, this angry girlfriend toyed with her boyfriend after he toyed with her heart

Busted! This guy's bragging lead to him being caught out

Yes, Jewlz, you should delete that post, like yesterday




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By Jamie-Rivera 03/02/2016 04:56:00

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