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Gabriela Grechi weather girl for Rete 4

The forecast is hot, take a look at the sexiest weather women from around the world.

Mexican weather reporter Susana Almeida

Yanet Garcia weather girl for Televisa Monterrey

Sugey Abrego weather girl for Canal 4

Diana Alvarado from Canal 44 Juarez

Chita Johnson presents the weather for KHOU, Houston

Mary Gamarra who presents the weather for Telemundo's Cada Dia con Maria Antonieta

Julie Durda from WPLG Miami

Maria Quiban weather girl for NBC Hawaii News 8

Bri Winkler presents the weather for ABC in California

Gabriela Grechi weather girl for Rete 4

Jackie Guerrido, a Puerto Rican television weather forecaster

Elita Loresca weather girl for KGET-TV and KGPE-TV

Jill Nicolini who presents the weather for WB11 Morning News

Despierta America weather girl Cristina Blackwell

Meteorologist Evelyn Taft works for CBS2

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By Staff 03/08/2016 01:10:00

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