By Jamie Rivera Published 03/13/2016 09:15:00 | Views: 1549
Hilarious accidental camouflage

When you've chosen an outfit that somehow perfectly matches your surroundings you know you're doing something right in the style department — because, at the very least, your ensemble is favoured by one another person

A man and his suitcase coordinate  [Reddit]

A highlighter and a teacher match perfectly  [Reddit]

A phone case and outfit are the same colors  [Reddit]

A lady blends into her walls  [Reddit]

A child looks exactly the same as this ornament

A juice bottle and top are the same design [Reddit]

 A girl blends into the sofa she is sat on [Reddit ]

 A jumper and the chair share the same design  [Reddit]

A girl and her top are exactly the same colors  [Reddit]

Tights blend into the carpet  [Reddit]

A man laughs at realising he looks like a sports ball  [Reddit ]

Hideous socks match the carpet  [Reddit ]

A man blends into a train  [Reddit]

A lady finds it funny at the fact she is dressed the same as a chair  [Reddit ]

A shoe and a floor blend together [Reddit]

A lady wears the same colors as an item [Reddit]

A lady dresses the same as an Oyster card  [Reddit]

This person is actually wearing socks  [Reddit]

A lady blends into the floor with her outfit choice [Reddit]

A lady has the same pattern on her dress as the carpet  [Reddit]

One of these bags is actually a person [Reddit]

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By Jamie Rivera 03/13/2016 09:15:00

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