By Jamie Rivera Published 03/30/2016 04:13:00 | Views: 7151
This cheeky little boy interrupted his mums sexy selfie pose

The moral of this story is always check your photographs before you post them online.

This proud father took a picture of his son at prom, but really should have put some clothes on first

Hmm...We wonder what this young lady is looking up on the computer

Embarrassingly this girl left the evidence of diarrhoea medicine in the picture

When on the toilet remember to stop what you are doing and smile for the camera

This mum's sexy selfie was interupted by her son

This girl sent a selfie to her parents and failed to move her vibrator out of the picture

This woman in white left her vibrator on show

So happy with her new hair that she didn't let her boyfriend get dressed before he took a picture of her

This muscle man needed a little bit of help to get the perfect pic

Don't leave a giant turd in the toilet if you have to take a selfie in the bathroom

This cheeky little boy interrupted his mums sexy selfie pose

This selfie revealed more then we were expecting

This person so so happy about graduating that he celebrated with some bubbly and a bit of porn

If you take a selfie in the bathroom, make sure there is no one on the toilet

This mom gave her son a time out and then snapped a sexy selfie in her bikini

Ops! Should have put your vibrator away

This couple were surprised to see what was going on in the background of their picture


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By Jamie Rivera 03/30/2016 04:13:00

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