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Filthiest quotes found in children's books

Children's books are meant to help them learn and play, but these books seem to be filled with sexual innuendos. Here are 15 of the dirtiest quotes taken from children's books that (hopefully) only adults will find funny.

#1: We hope no one tosses her salad [IG]

#2: This book has taken social media by storm [IG]

#3: Everyone likes to 'pat' little pussy [IG]

#4: Thomas is given a 'heavy load' [IG]

#5: Hey Arthur! There's excitement all over your pants [IG]

#6: There are a lot of 'Seamen' on this boat [IG]

#7: As adults, we wouldn't be able to do this without laughing, never mind children [IG]

#8: We'd like to know exactly why Mommy is moaning too

#9: All of the girls want some of Jack's chocolateÉ. [IG]

#10: This book just called Nancy a 'slut' [IG]

In Pinocchio, the Coachman takes naughty boys back to Pleasure Island and turns them into DonkeysÉ

'Go the F*** to Sleep' [SG]

'Take it Jen'

Dick goes up apparently [IG]

This is wrong on so many levels [IG]

Suck what exactly [IG]

Because that's what Teddy Beards are for... [IG]

Yes Dick, what did you lick [IG]

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By Jamie Rivera 04/12/2016 05:50:00

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