By David-Aghadiuno Published 07/07/2016 03:17:00 | Views: 913
Sloth becomes internet star after smiling selfie goes viral

Twitter user Andrew Bloch said he is "totally against the selfie stick."

"But every now and then, an exception comes along," he wrote on Twitter. 

Bloch is one of the many social media users who have applauded one man's photo, which originally appeared on Imgur

In the photo, a man uses a selfie stick to get a unique angle of a sloth hanging from a tree. 

The lazy animal is shown hanging with one arm outstretched with a sly smile in what looks like a purposeful pose.

"This is an acceptable selfie," one Imgur user wrote. 

"(This is) the only reason one should own a selfie stick," another user said.

The photo has been viewed more than 2 million times.

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By David-Aghadiuno 07/07/2016 03:17:00

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