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Funny cake toppers say what people really think
Everyone loves getting a nice cake with a witty frosting message on top, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. No one wants to get these, which makes us wonder how many ended up getting chucked at the faces of the oh-so-funny folks who bought or made them.
These cakes convey heartwarming sentiments that go something like: "Happy 21st birthday: Here's what you'll look like later tonight." Or, "We're glad you found a new job, because we never really liked you." There's even a "your mom" joke thrown in for good measure.
Take a look at these 18 rude, honest and off-color cakes — and just imagine what the guy at the bakery must have thought.


Gosh, wonder what lucky person gets that piece?


This cake is just telling it like it is, Beena. Drink lots of water.

Cake reading 'You're Dead to us now, we hope you fail' (via

Maybe someone else should take the first bite of this cake


Cake reading 'I'm sorry I thought you were a woman' (via Imgur,

This guy probably didn't want to be reminded. But thanks anyway.

Cake reading 'Thanks for your

And thank you, for those sarcastic quotation marks.

'The Walking Dead'-themed cake reading 'DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE; Happy Birthday Jesus!' (dajarman via Reddit)

Anyone else just lose their appetite?

Zombie bunny cake reading 'DIE' with bunny Peeps (goodiversion via Reddit)

Someone put a lot of work into this simple message.

Cake reading 'It's 10:30--I'm tired--Here's your cake' (via

Thanks, honey. The little heart was a nice touch.

Cake reading 'Happy Birthday! Not really, This is an intervention about your drinking problem' (GermanPanda via Reddit)

Is that a rum cake?

Cake reading 'Happy Birthday Arika! Please Prooffreed This Kake' (via

Hey, proofread your own cake! It's her birthday, after all.

Cake reading 'We

Is it opposites day? This somehow doesn't feel sincere.

Cake reading 'Congratulations on Your Vasectomy Pete' (via

Thanks, guys! Pete is pretty psyched about his vasectomy.

Cake reading 'At least You're pretty' (via

Thanks! Hey, wait a minute...

Cake reading 'You are a Terrible Human being and you should Feel awful' (via

One of those "congratulations on being a terrible human" cakes. You have to special-order those.

Cake reading 'Congrats on your teen pregnancy' (via

Now, go do your homework.


Cake reading 'Sorry I slept with your Mom' (via

This is definitely the kind of cake that ends up getting smashed in someone's face.

Birthday cake (

Happy 4-0.





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By Jamie Rivera 10/23/2016 16:39:00

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