By Lena Sullivan Published 02/25/2016 08:47:00 | Views: 717
TKO: Grandmother Ann Perez suffers a TKO to Laura 'the honey badger' Dettman in a brutal cage fight

A 68-year-old grandmother was brutally knocked out by a professional fighter less than half her age in a violent mixed martial arts cage match sanctioned by an MMA league.

A disturbing video of the fight last Saturday has sparked outrage on social media where commentators have called for the Colorado-based Sparta Combat League to be banned.

Ann Perez de Tejada was shockingly making her debut against her opponent, reported to be 24-years-old, who proved to be far too much of a match decimating the grandmother who could not keep up her guard.

At the start of the troubling video Laura 'the honey badger' Dettman, who now has three wins to her name and no losses, says she is expecting a 'tough fight' against a 'tough opponent'.

Perez says: 'I plan to have a good hard fight, put on a good show for people and show everybody that age is just a number.'

Unsurprisingly the contest does not last long, and the video of the match can be seen in its gruesome entirety.

To start off with the two spar for a brief few moments before strawweight Dettman quickly tackles the grandmother and locks her on the ground.

In a 'ground and pound' manoeuvre the young women climbs onto the old lady's stomach before she begins to methodically punch her in the face.

The ruthless fighter lands blow after blow and Perez is unable to defend herself dropping her guard.

The referee calls an end to the fight, decided via TKO at 1minute 24seconds in Round 1, and the weary Grandmother clambers to her feet as her opponent celebrates.

A bruised and battered Perez sways around watching the victor's on-stage interview before the video cuts off.

Thankfully the granny, who has been training in the sport for five years and has a lengthy combat background, was not seriously hurt.

Stunningly she is not quite the oldest ever MMA fighter. 70-year-old John Williams fought against 49-year-old former pro wrestler Larry Brubaker in 2010 – and he actually won his fight with an ankle lock in the second round.

Footage of the match uploaded by the League on YouTube has been met with angry comments below their video.

User All About Boxing said: 'How is this s*** even sanctioned? I will never support anything that SCL or Dettman does. Absolutely disgusting, someone need to be held accountable on some kind of charges. WTF! '

YouTuber PaperChaserDotCom said: 'This league should be disbanded immediately and whoever sanctioned this should be fired .'

Mike Salami added: 'What kind of person accepts this fight and doesn't feel bad for punching a (68)-year-old in the face repeatedly. I know Perez agreed to the fight but come on.'

However user 12 Pounds disagreed: 'Everyone kicking up a stink....She signed the contract to fight, end of story! Stop being ageist.'

In a statement on Facebook Jeff Cisneros, Sparta Combat League's promoter, defended the decision to book the fight.

He said: 'For the weeks leading up to it, I won't lie, I took some heat for allowing this fight to take place, and why? Because people sometimes are insecure in the fact that they never followed their own dreams, so they want to derail someone else from following theirs.

'…when I get the chance to help facilitate someone's dream I will do it if I can. Sometimes one just needs that one opportunity.

'I want to say I'm very proud of Ann and my decision to let her do it, and her Coaches, Luke and Nick, as well for supporting her journey and dream.'

Seemingly more keen to congratulate himself than the grandmother he added: 'I will say it when my time is up, people will remember me as the guy who truly believed he could change the world and did everything in his power to do so!'

By Lena Sullivan 02/25/2016 08:47:00

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