By Lena Sullivan Published 10/18/2016 10:56:00 | Views: 3753
Ahmad Jones (right) prepares to hit his already unconscious opponent.

WARNING: Graphic footage

YOU don’t often get knockout of the year contenders from the amateur ranks but this finish by American youngster Ahmad Jones is no ordinary KO.

Jones, who says he’s been boxing for only one year and was in just his third fight, absolutely destroyed this opponent with the most savage of blows.

As his overmatched rival opened himself up to throw a one-two, Jones fired a heavy right hand straight down the middle. It knocked his opponent unconscious, but Jones wasn’t finished, landing a heavy one-two to the already starched man in front of him.

Jones’ rival wasn’t helped by the referee, who was positioned too far across the other side of the ring and was a little slow off the mark when he moved to intervene. But he would have had to have been Usain Bolt to intercept those final punches.

The 201-pounder with a 3-0 record sent footage of the finish to popular Instagram page House of Highlights and on the back of it’s 4.1 million audience the video has quickly gone viral.

“Top three best KOs I’ve ever seen from an amateur fight, maybe just period,” one user wrote.

“You know now these boys in Tampa/St Pete (Florida) will duck you after this Mortal Kombat KO,” added another. “You gonna have to turn open and fight in tournaments from now on.”

Another user: “You know that part in Mortal Kombat when they yell out finish him! This is it!”

Thankfully the beaten man recovered quickly. “My opponent ended up being all right,” Jones wrote. “He walked away after the doctors checked on him.”

By Lena Sullivan 10/18/2016 10:56:00

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