By David Aghadiuno Published 06/23/2016 11:31:00 | Views: 5041
WARNING: Apple users have been targeted by this scam

PC users are warned to pay extra attention to their emails following fears that they could be the next targets of a major new scam. According to security experts, criminals are pretending to be from firms including Apple, Twitter and Facebook in order to try and trick users into giving out personal details.

The warnings come after a recent “email spoofing” campaign by criminals where they send out malicious email pretending to be from legitimate sources, requesting clarification on log-in details or personal information. Users caught by the scam are often persuaded to hand over their personal details, which are then stolen and sold for profit by the hackers.

According to a survey taken by security firm Detectify, over half of the world’s most popular domains were being used by imposters in their scams. Along with social media sites, major news and media sites were targeted as well.

This was due mainly to security measures known as Sender Policy Framework being incorrectly set up by the companies themselves, and email protection settings not being enforced strictly enough.

By David Aghadiuno 06/23/2016 11:31:00

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