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TRICKED: Numerous people were duped by the fake Ellie Reece Facebook account

FACEBOOK users are being warned not to accept a mysterious friend request from a gorgeous blonde.

The name on the profile is "Ellie Reece" and it has been used to dupe numerous blokes into sending naked snaps over the internet.

But every single one of the photos is actually of a 28-year-old flight attendant from Ireland called Vanessa.

Vanessa, who didn't wish to reveal her full name, only became aware someone was using her pictures when a friend sent her a link to the profile.

She told The Sun Online: “A guy who had been speaking to the fake account for three months messaged me on Saturday night asking if my name is Ellie Reece.

“I searched the name and found an account with all of my photos on it, taken from my Facebook and Instagram.”

Ellie Reece Catfish Facebook account FACEBOOK

HORROR: Vanessa revealed her disgust when she realised people had been tricked with her photos

Vanessa quickly launched into action, warning unsuspecting lads on her friends list that they may have been talking to a "Catfish".

The term was made famous by the MTV show Catfish about people who steal photographs of other people to trick people into starting online relationships.

And Vanessa, who writes for the Blonde Wandering travel blog, said she was disgusted when some of the blokes she contacted revealed they had received naked pictures from the fake account.

In return, some of the lads had sent back nude snaps and are now petrified about where they may surface.

Vanessa continued: “I know people will think it’s just pictures, but it’s my life too and it’s really scary to see someone using that as their own."

Ellie Reece Facebook catfish account INSTAGRAM

MISTAKE: When she reported it Facebook accidentally deactivated the wrong account

She added she is upset to think the "Catfisher" sent naked pictures they said were her, saying: “I know it wasn’t my body, but it’s so scary to think people could have these photos of random people’s bodies and think they are me.”

However, when she reported the fake account to Facebook, the company deactivated her account by mistake, leaving her unable to access her blog for work purposes.

Facebook apologised for the mix-up and her account was restored.

The company also said fake profiles are in violation of the user policy and urged anyone in a similar situation to report it.

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By Pius Aghadiuno 03/16/2017 18:57:00

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