By Pius Aghadiuno Published 03/23/2012 18:29:00 | Views: 575
Feel Your Facebook Pokes With This Poking Machine

If you've ever been vaguely irritated by the thought of someone "poking" you on Facebook, two Dutch inventors have found a way to make it even more annoying.

They've "constructed an armband that physically pokes you when someone pokes you virtually on Facebook," according to Mashable. Called "the poking machine," the device allows people to "connect not only virtually but physically," according to co-founder Jasper van Loenen.

Housed in a laser-cut neon yellow casing, the device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and prods-slash-aggravates you whenever the virtual poke is issued.


Would you ever use this?

By Pius Aghadiuno 03/23/2012 18:29:00

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