By Jamie Rivera Published 06/15/2015 10:31:00 | Views: 3032
Fallout 4 was a crowd favourite. Source: Supplied

AT THE venue best known for holding the Oscars, gaming developer Bethesda held its first official E3 showcase.

Before a packed out audience at the Dolby Theatre, the company showcased some of its biggest titles that are scheduled for release in the future.

Fallout 4 was popular, as was Fallout Shelter – a mobile game inspired by the likes of the Sims.

However, it was Doom that stole the show.

Executive Producer for id Software Marty Stratton said Doom was a special part of gaming history.

“From the beginning of this project we have been inspired by the way these games made us feel when we played them,” he said.

“The foundation of any Doom experience, past or present, is unquestionably combat that’s centred around three things - bad ass demons, big f’ing guns and moving really, really fast.”

This foundation has been carried over into the new game, which had its gameplay showcased at the event.

Doom is set to be one of the most violent games ever.

Doom is set to be one of the most violent games ever. Source: Supplied

The graphics are insanely awesome, the weapons are intense and the game offers different ways to kill your opponent, many of which are cut scenes containing extreme and very graphic violence.

With explosive gun shots, hand-to-hand combat finishes and blood soaked floors throughout, to call this game ultra-violent would be an understatement.

This doesn’t even include the chainsaw, which literally turns opponents into minced meat right before your eyes.

While the game will almost definitely be rated as adults only, it would not be a surprise if its violent nature caused controversy both locally and internationally.

After seeing the gameplay, it is safe to say the game is one of the most violent in recent history.

In addition the campaign mode, the game also offers multi-player arena style combat and a new mode where players have the ability to customise intricate maps, which can be shared and played online.

By Jamie Rivera 06/15/2015 10:31:00

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