By Jamie-Rivera Published 12/30/2015 08:29:00 | Views: 4880
Presenting: the latest hard-hitting question to send the internet into meltdown.

OH internet. You’re a strange, strange place.

On one hand, you’re the go-to place for all serious breaking news. A place that has inspired dramatic social uprisings across the globe. A place where all the information any of us could ever want is available at the click of a button.

But just when we’re all taking you seriously, you go and pull something like this.

That’s right. A deeply thought-provoking and controversial debate has ignited over how exactly a dog would hypothetically wear pants.

Would it wear them on its hind legs, or would the pants stretch across all four?

Think about this VERY carefully, people. The image on the right technically makes sense, right? Humans wear pants to cover their two legs. Surely, therefore, a dog should only be concerned with covering their hind legs?

Yet dogs technically have four legs and no arms, and they walk on all four of them. Therefore, should dogs be wearing a stretchy undercoat that covers all four legs? It’s arguably the less fashionable choice, but one might argue practicality should win out in dire situations like these.

The post exploded after it was shared on Twitter by Jared Keller, the editor of Maxim Mag. To date it’s clocked up almost 30,000 retweets and an endless stream of debate from fired up social media users.

The original creator of the image is said to be a 19-year-old in Belgium. He told The Washington Post he made the drawing because he “saw a dog wearing pants as it’s shown in the second drawing”, and started thinking about the possibilities (ie. he was probably stoned).

“I thought that pants are a human invention so for us it’s normal to wear them like that. But dogs have 4 legs so technically, their pants should go on each leg.

“I made [the drawing] for this page so people can give their opinion,” he added, “I really didn’t expect it to become viral.”

Jay Hathaway, a writer for New York Magazine, made this respectable argument: “Every dog ever seen in pants has sported the two-legged variety.

“Try to imagine the four-leg garment on a human, or question how it would even stay up without suspenders. Unless you’re contemplating it at 3am, like the original artist, it is absurd.”

Hathaway has a point, as perfectly illustrated here:

Well, when you put it that way...

Well, when you put it that way...Source:Supplied

In case you were looking for a global consensus, Keller later put out a Twitter poll to really settle the score once and for all. An overwhelming 81 per cent of the 24,000 who voted have favoured the two-legged garment.



So there it is.

Now then, let us all calmly log off the internet, burn our electronic devices and travel back to that sweet, sweet time when the internet did not exist.


By Jamie-Rivera 12/30/2015 08:29:00

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