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In this Sept. 9, 2015 photo, people look over the new Apple iPhone 6s models during a product display following an Apple event in San Francisco. Photography gets even better with Apple's new iPhones, making them worth getting for $100 more than last

About once a year, Apple releases a major software update to keep users engaged with exciting new features. This September, iOS 9 was released.

One feature on the updated operating system is Wi-Fi Assist, a tool that enables users to maintain the fastest connection possible when using any data related applications or features. 

The feature targets this problem:

When a user connects to a Wi-Fi network that is slow or unresponsive, the cellular device will continue to operate on that slow connection, prolonging apps and webpages from loading and fully developing. Before the update, users had to manually disconnect from a poor network to use their own data and take advantage of a faster connection. 

Now, Wi-Fi Assist automatically disconnects an iPhone from a poor connection and switches to cellular data when data usage proves to be the faster or stronger connection.

What’s good about this feature is that users are saved the frustration of turning on and off their Wi-Fi and having to figure out which connection works fastest. 

What’s bad is that users who don’t have unlimited data may overuse their allotted data, resulting in unexpected charges and fees. Plus, without Wi-Fi Assist, users have full knowledge and control of whether they were using his or her own data or utilizing a Wi-Fi connection.

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist in three easy steps. 

1. Click "Settings" on the homescreen of your Apple device.

2. Click "Cellular."

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and toggle off the Wi-Fi Assist option.

By Jamie-Rivera 09/28/2015 13:26:00

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