By Jamie Rivera Published 08/05/2016 08:51:00 | Views: 6783
Police unzip coach passenger’s bag to find 11-year-old boy inside

A woman has been arrested after police opened her bag and found a small child inside.

According to police, they were alerted when fellow passengers on the coach Natasha Vitoriano Souto, 23, was due to take spotted a ‘small hand poking out’ of her suitcase.

Police opened the bag to find an 11-year-old child inside. The boy had reportedly asked Souto to adopt him, and she had decided the best way to take him to her house in southern part of the country was to zip him inside her suitcase.

‘I was going to take him to my house,’ Souto, 23, reportedly told police.

‘I found him in the street in Botafogo near the traffic lights. He asked me “for the love of God, adopt me please”.’

Souto said that the boy had told her he was being abused and his mother was dependent on drugs.

The child has now been placed into the care of the Guardianship Council.

Ms Souto has not yet been charged. If she is, she faces up to six years in prison.

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By Jamie Rivera 08/05/2016 08:51:00

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