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MYSTICAL: The World of Avatar is set to open its doors in summer 2017

DISNEY WORLD are launching an amazing new attraction based on the world of Pandora.

Disney World has confirmed its latest mystical attraction – The World of Avatar.

The theme park – based on the luminesce world of Pandora – is set to open its doors in summer 2017.

And Disney has released an enticing sneak-peak video of the new park.

Posting a video on Christmas Day, Disney Parks said: “Get a behind the scenes look at Pandora: The World of AVATAR coming this summer to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort!”

The two-minute clip shows a montage of Avatar the movie, mixed in with concept art illustrating what features will look like when completed.

The latest addition to Florida theme park’s Animal Kingdom was announced in 2011 and building began in 2014.

Once completed, guests will be able to float through a bioluminescent forest on a magical boat ride.

There’s also a thrilling ride that recreates the experience of flying on one of Avatar’s winged dragons.

The team have even managed to create a floating rock – mirroring the floating mountains in James Cameron’s film, Avatar.

“I was very skeptical that it was even physically possible to build the world of Pandora,” said Disney imagineer Joe Rohde. “This was a crazy thing to try to do.”

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By Staff 12/29/2016 02:33:00

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