Police drag bleeding man off 'overbooked' United flight

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Disney's magical new Avatar theme park is set to open – here's a sneak peak

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Apocalyptic sky of fire witnessed by shocked airline passengers

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Every British Olympian had the same red bag; baggage claim chaos ensues

Some athletes who represented their countries during the Rio Olympics left Brazil after they finished their events, and other stayed until the closing ceremony. A ... Full story

Police unzip coach passenger’s bag to find 11-year-old boy inside

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Dramatic footage shows Emirates plane catch fire after crash-landing at Dubai International Airport

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Whale watchers missed this fantastic scene by looking the wrong way

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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 catches fire in emergency landing

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Airliner forced to turn back after engine falls apart during take off

American Airlines Flight AA403 to San Francisco landed safely back at Phoenix Sky Harbor minutes after it was forced to turn back due to an ... Full story

College student Khairuldeen Makhzoomi removed from flight after speaking Arabic

A University of California, Berkeley student and Iraqi refugee was removed from a flight after another passenger was alarmed when she heard him speaking Arabic. Khairuldeen ... Full story

‘Millionaire’ kicked off JetBlue plane: ‘I’m 28 and I make $4M a year, what do you do?’

A Southern California man was booted from a JetBlue flight after getting in a brag-filled, expletive-laden shouting match with other passengers. Video taken by a fellow ... Full story

Tourist nearly decapitated while taking picture of landing plane

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Guest gets ‘breast ever’ shock when they turn on the lights in their hotel room

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American woman locked up in Dubai ‘for refusing to talk to men’

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Castaways rescued from deserted island after writing 'help' in palm fronds

Crews rescued three mariners from a deserted island in the remote Pacific Ocean Thursday after a U.S. Navy aircrew spotted the word "help" written in ... Full story

Courtyard Marriott guest finds stomach-turning welcome note on bed

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Airplane passengers terrified as Muslim man begins yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ on flight

Footage has emerged of the man, in full Islamic dress, yelling the Arabic phrase on the American Airlines flight.  The Muslim man can be seen standing ... Full story

Flight turns around after passenger becomes disruptive. Wait until you find out what he wanted to do

A passenger on a flight from Honolulu to Japan became disruptive and violent within an hour and a half into the nine-hour trip. Hyongtae Pae refused ... Full story

'Drunk' American Airlines pilot is arrested in front of stunned passengers at Detroit airport after failing TWO breathalyzer tests

An American Airlines co-pilot was taken into custody after failing a Breathalyzer test at Detroit Metropolitan Airport Saturday. Because of the incident American Airlines canceled Flight ... Full story

Airbnb in Cuba will soon be open to international travelers

Planning on traveling to Havana soon? Well, on April 2, international travelers have the option to stay in Cuba using Airbnb. Only U.S. citizens were allowed ... Full story

Loud music sparks all out brawl on Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles

Cellphone video captured a brawl that broke out between passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Wednesday.   The video shows a group of women throwing punches and ... Full story

Woman caught stashing baby in hand luggage to avoid buying plane ticket

WE all try to take a suitcase on a plane as hand luggage – but one woman left cabin crew flabbergasted when she was caught ... Full story

Pilot threatened to crash passenger jet if his wife left him

A pilot allegedly threatened to crash his passenger jet if his wife left him, only be stopped minutes before take-off by police.   The unnamed Italian pilot, ... Full story

Two tourists were arrested for taking nude selfies at Machu Picchu

TWO tourists have been arrested by Peruvian tourism police for taking nude selfies at the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Culture Ministry guards alerted ... Full story

FLIGHT attendant DELIBERATELY starts fire on plane to force pilot to make emergency landing

Arsonist Jonathan Tafoya-Montano confessed to FBI agents who were drafted in after finding the toilet had been torched on purpose.  The American Airlines flight from Dallas, ... Full story

New Disney plane comes with Mickey Mouse meals and themed cabin crew

This Disney-themed Boeing 767 has to be the happiest plane on Earth. Adorned in cartoon favorites, the magical aircrafts took 10 eight-hour days to create. With ... Full story

Plane rude: Airline passengers’ revolting habits are being shamed in a series of unpleasant snaps

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Passenger Shekira Thompson hid $10k worth of cocaine in vagina

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European cities 'the best places to live,' rank highest in quality of life and personal safety

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Couple found with $6 million of ‘cash’

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