Frank Arce was standing inside the wood machine when it suddenly started up. Picture: KATU-TV Source: Supplied

IN A moment reminiscent of a famously gruesome movie scene a man was sucked into a wood chipper. But despite suffering multiple injuries he miraculously survived.

Frank Arce was trying to take out wood debris when the giant wood chipper suddenly started up at the Swanson Bark and Wood Products company near Vancouver, Washington.

The 23-year-old’s body was smashed against metal spikes and claws before being pushed out on to a conveyor belt.

He broke seven ribs, a toe, his ankle and his pelvis, and suffered a fractured knee, cuts and a collapsed lung.

Mr Arce told KATU-TV: “Basically I was praying for the best and preparing for the worst.

“In a situation like that, that's honestly all you could do.”

The accident recalled scene from the 1996 Coen brothers movie Fargo, when the body of victim is fed through a wood chipper.

Man sucked into wood chipper survives

The wood chipper scene from the 1996 movie Fargo. Picture: MGM studios

The machine known as the porcupine is used for stripping bark from trees and has six to seven-inch-long tines that spin on shaft to break apart and fluff-up bark. The equipment left gashes in his hard hat.

Mr Arce, who is recovering in hospital, said: "There was a thought (that I was going to die ) but it was more like something was telling me I wasn't going to die that day. I felt I had a lot of angels out there with me that day – a lot of people looking out for me."